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    • LugdunumStudios

      Thanks for your interest in Operation Z. We’re glad you’re enjoying them. Volumes 3 and 4 are currently in production, but it will be some time before they’re complete. We’re working to make sure we get everything just right.

  1. Jessica Nielsen

    To whom it may concern,

    I am I love with your work. Every bit of it. I am dreaming of the opportunity to just meet any of your staff members let alone apprentice with you and possibly one day, work with the team at Lugdunum studios. In addition to being a passionate visual artist, my love for special effects makeup extends to even the most basic prosthetic application and wound. I love the detail work involved in special effects and I want to make this my life’s work. I work extremely hard, night and day if need be. I would love it if you would check out my blog and get back to me if you like it!
    Jessica Nielsen

  2. JCain

    Ditto on the next volumes. I work at a range in Memphis, TN and I recommend these videos to anyone I can. Lot’s of people come in for the firearms and I think exposing them to the other aspects of survival/prepping/preparedness is a great idea. Can’t wait for the remaining volumes.

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