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The Walking Dead Mag is Back For Brains

The Walking Dead Mag is Back For Brains

The official Walking Dead Magazine hit stands last October and sold out in a heartbeat. The second issue will debut this month. We got a sneak peak at the upcoming installment, and fans are in for a treat.

The villain-centered Walking Dead #2 highlights the more malicious characters of the series, both comic and television. An insightful interview with David Morrissey, newcomer to the series as season 3’s The Governor, explores the actor’s concerns regarding the antagonist’s blatant villainy and developing a three-dimensional character for the screen. The issue also discusses the comic’s recent addition, Negan. The cult leader/mob boss threatens to become the series’ reigning villain, and the article discusses the danger he poses to Rick and company as well as his signature weapon, the barbed bat Lucille.

But the second installment of the magazine isn’t just focused on the dastardly. It also provides an in depth look at the artistic side of The Walking Dead. An interview with Greg Nicotero, the TV series’ chief makeup artist and occasional director, elaborates on why TWD has become so much more than another horror series. A talk with the current and previous editors reveals some insight into the making of the graphic novels. This issue even gives the reader a behind the scenes look at the new Walking Dead action figures by McFarlane Toys.

The Walking Dead Magazine hits stands Tuesday, December 18th. Buy it at your local bookstore or comic shop. And be sure to check out the full-page ad for Operation Z, just inside the cover.


Operation Z T-shirts Now On Sale

Operation Z T-shirts Now On Sale

We wanted to do Operation Z apparel for a while, and then a fan sent us this sweet logo. Serendipitous, right? So we put it on a T-shirt. Now you can show your support for zombie preparation with an Operation Z shirt. Click on the picture above to go to the eBay page for the shirt.

Albuquerque Comic Con Brings Fandom to New Mexico

Albuquerque Comic Con Brings Fandom to New Mexico

I’ve never been to New Mexico, let alone Albuquerque, and am I regretting it now! The Albuquerque Comic Con runs January 12 – 13, and we are not missing it this year. Creator of Image Comics’ “Shadowline” imprint Jim Valentino will be appearing. We just got Shadowline’s graphic novel “Enormous”, so this is particularly exciting. Other guests include Mortal Kombat’s Cary Tagawa and renowned cosplay queen Yaya Han.

We’ll be hosting the “Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse” panel at the convention. We’ll also have a retail display. Whether you’re returning to New Mexico or you’re like me and seeing the Land of Enchantment for the first time, come visit the Albuquerque Comic Con. Click on the photo above for more info.

Government Prepares For Zombie Apocalypse

Operation Z is clearly more relevant than ever. First-responders in San Diego, CA are going through real-life terrorism simulations, where the terrorists are- wait for it- zombies. That’s right, law enforcement in California is preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Check out the video above to see the training simulation. And this wasn’t just some local group doing it. The Department of Homeland Security signed off on the grant money used for the training. So if the federal government is preparing for it, you have to ask yourself, what are they not telling us?

Australian PM Ready For End Of Days

Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard released an address to her nation yesterday. The End of Days is nigh. In fact, it’s nigher than nigh. It’s Friday, December 7th. That’s tomorrow. This might explain why we’re selling so many Operation Z DVDs to the land down under. The Aussies will be ready. Will you?

The Amazing Arizona Comic Convention

The Amazing Arizona Comic Convention

Phoenix, Arizona, capital of the Grand Canyon state, and home of the Amazing Arizona Comic Convention. This year, the convention features comic book legend Jim Lee (Batman: Hush) and cosplay superstar Jessica Nigri. The event takes place at the Phoenix Convention Center, and it runs January 25 – 27, 2013. We’ll be doing a zombie survival panel and a retail display there, so come by and see us!

Operation Z on The Electric Chair

Operation Z on The Electric Chair

Have you met Corey Graham? If not, you’re missing out. The Electric Chair, hosted by “Midnight” Corey, is a premier podcast featuring interviews with today’s authors and filmmakers of horror. Corey reviews and discusses the latest scary films, looks back on the classics, and does readings from literary horror. He was kind enough to sit down with Operation Z’s director Damian Smith and instructor Chris Costa to discuss the series. You can listen to the interview by clicking on the banner above (Damian’s interview starts about 19 minutes in; Chris’s is around 59 minutes). And be sure to listen to the previous episodes, such as the interview with Bill Oberst, Jr. or the review of 1932’s “White Zombie”, regarded as the first zombie film ever made. You can also check out The Electric Chair on Facebook!