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Long Beach Comic Con


A little late with this post, but with traveling coast to coast, LA traffic, a week off for Turkey Day and the subsequent trips to the gym, what can you expect?

The Long Beach Comic & Horror Con was held November 3rd & 4th at the Long Beach Convention Center. I’m not sure what the size was of the convention, but it much easier navigating the crowds than say San Diego.* Parking was a breeze, no line for will-call, and it was very easy to check out the guest speakers and panels they had. We were able to check out Brandon Easton’s panel and Steven L. Sears, who was a writer and co-producer for Xena: Warrior Princess. You guys know you checked out that show back in the day…

This is a great article on some of the panels they offered on Sunday. We were blown away by the talent and all of the great points they hit on. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you should definitely check it out next year, November 30-December 1, 2013.

As to be expected, the creativity of attendees was very fun and we posted photos on our Facebook page awhile back. Great vendors, speakers, and people running the show all made it very enjoyable and we’ll be sure to be there next year.

*If you haven’t been to the San Diego Comic Con, you must try to attend it once in your life. There’s nothing else like it, and although you will fight the sweaty crowds on the floor and compete with the¬†Dharma Initiative peeps for seats in Hall H, it’s well worth it my friends.