Could you explain your casting process? Did you use actors?

We definitely spent time on casting. We wanted to get people of different ages and backgrounds, men and women. With only 5 students there couldn’t be too many different types, but the goal was to represent some key ages in society. We did not want it to just be young males in their physical prime under 35, etc.

We did cast people with acting experience, but then we asked them not act. Nothing was scripted, but we wanted them to play a character within the world of Operation Z. They were real people having a real experience. The reason we cast actors was that we had a large film crew there with about 6 cameras. Actors are usually not distracted by cameras, but the average person would have a hard time going through everything with that kind of distraction. They went through some really tough scenarios considering their weapons experience, which was minimal or none at all. Overall, we are very thankful that they were a part of this project and we had a great time making it.


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