Q&A…Operation Z

What is the premise of Operation Z?

We wanted to look at a post-outbreak / SHTF scenario from the perspective of it being a “past” event. This would allow us to analyze what happened, how did people survive, what went wrong etc. The AAR would provide the basis for training, and that’s where we pick up. Civilians not caught up in the outbreak, but who watched it on TV, will be motivated to learn at least a basic survival skill set.

There are a lot of interesting things you can do with the premise, including exploration of what the effect of a limited zombie outbreak would have on the psychology of the population. There would also be widespread fear of the impending return of the zombie plague. How does life continue? What are the moral and political discussions of the time? Would humanity have to change from a globalized open civilization to a segregated and inwardly focused one?

Hurricane Katrina was a much bigger influence on Operation Z than any other zombie project. I think anyone that does research into that disaster and the aftermath would quickly realize that dependence on the government can be a dangerous bet.


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