Getting Into Comics

Looking back on my childhood as a 35 year old man, I realize one of the very cool things about comics is that the really cool stories have a long shelf life.

As a young kid, I read all kinds of books, but especially science fiction novels. I was about 11 years old when I first started reading comics. Even though my Dad had a comic book store, I wasn’t really drawn to comics as a younger kid and my dad never pushed it on me. My dad knew I was reading tons of classic science fiction novels like Ray Bradbury, Aurthur C Clarke. My mother turned me on to Robert Heinlen at a young age (thanks mom!) and my father turned me on to the Lensman books.

One day at the store, my dad was going to have to work really late doing some admin stuff. I was bored and my dad gave me a comic to read. I wasn’t that interested, but he said it was really good science fiction. That comic was a reprint of the class Fantastic Four Silver Surfer saga (FF#48-50). I was instantly hooked. Over the next week I read through a ton of the FF run, including the great John Byrne run. The I read the Silver Surfer series from the 1960′s. In the late 80′s Marvel had started a new Silver Surfer series with Ron Lim as the artist. I got hooked on that, and bought every issue the day they came out, until about issue 100 when I stopped reading that title.

Later, as an adult, I thanked my father for introducing me to those classic Fantastic Four stories. He told me those were some of the books he read as kid that made him want to open a comic store.

Now I have a good collection of Marvel Omnibus editions and I can’t wait to pass them on to my kids one day. It is rare that any form of entertainment can pass along the generations like that. That’s part of the magic of comics. They don’t spoil with age.


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